Is it possible to do 50-100% per day?

I made a small test this time, on EURUSD 1min time frame, and traded for 2 days , which is 1440 bars of 1 min.

Using the MA ribbon ( best indicator I have ever found for trends and confirmation aswell), paired up with a nice support and resistence , you get this amazing combination

On this trade, let’s say you would have risked 2.5% per trade, with a 5pip SL, you would have managed an easily 20% return, with just 1 trade.

I used this algo entirely for 2 days and this is the results( take in consideration I have an alert that notify me when my conditions are meet, i dont need to spend 24/7 in front of pc)

Positive win rate, and an amazing 8:1 ratio (since we take entirely the trend from the beginning until the end atleast once in five times, its enough to cover all our small loses and gave a massive return aswell).

List of trades

Take in consideration that its leverage by 100, so even if I only have 1000 eur, I actually play with 100.000.

Amazing system overall and the best things its that it works on most currencies, but for this part, I choose the ones with the least amount of spread possible.

Hope you enjoyed it.

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