Beginning of forward live test EURUSD Chandelier

So this is going to be my tactic that I am going to apply in live trading, focusing especially on EURUSD pair with 1H timeframe

First we have chandelier, with the ATR buy/stop levels + alerts ( so we dont need to stay 24/7 waiting for prices)

Second we are going to use trade Assistent to calculate our volume based on risk % and stop loss.

We are not going to have a TP

We will risk 5% each trade ( if you feel unconfortable, use less)

We will use a leverage of maximum 30X

Third : for starting capital I am going to use 1000eur. Applying leverage logic I can trade up to 30.000 EUR – > 0.3 lots equivalent

On this thread I am going to update whenever I realize a new operation.

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