Massive blow on myself

After started with forward test I’ve realized something was wrong.

Nothing was working as I was expected. Upon further investigation I realized that during all this time , I was doing everything correct expect for a tiny little details, which affects entirely the functionality of my systems.

Watch those candles first

and then those ones

Although they look very similar, there is a big difference between them : one its the normal one using ticks, the other one is heikin ashi using OHLC

The heikin ashi you could say that smooths the candle size and trend because in the end it works candle by candle and not on each tick .

Because of this I was making my entire tests using the OHCL system ( using candles), instead of ticks, like its supposed to and the way its used in real life/forward test.

Looks like I have to start everything from the ground again… and I will do it!

In the end this is forex life, if it would have been easy, everyone would succeed right?

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