Results 17 – 21 08 2020

Today I am going to publish the details for this week session on my both auto trading strategies. Soon I will start publishing also results from my manual strategy.

For the scalp EA we have :

In this account we consider 1000 capital, trading 0.1 lots with 0.1% of the account as stop loss, only trade during Frankfurt/London and NewYork session.

TP 5% , SL 1% , RR : 1:5 in this case

Overall we can see an increase of 6% of our capital for this week.

For second system which is made using a trend trading strategy we have

Same rules, 0.1lots, RR 1:3.3 , 1% SL, 3.3 TP, only europe and america session.

Overall a -11% loss this week.

Lets see now how next weekend they are going to perform.

PS : Best settings, 75 – 21 for RSI -> Overall win 17% for ea scalp , 5% TP, 1.5% SL


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