Finally its here

Like I promised last week, today is the big day.

After many months and thousands of hours of work and optimization, here it is , my best piece of art.

I am not going to enter into to many details on how it goes, but I am going to tell you this :

  1. Its a breakout strategy.
  2. Its a daytrading strategy, only 1-2 trades/day per each currency selected.
  3. It has dynamic stop loss and take profit.
  4. It closes trades at the end of the week(friday night)
  5. It focuses on highs and lows between different sessions
  6. It takes in consideration the power of a currency over a period of time.
  7. It uses 1:2 risk/reward ratio
  8. Over a period of 4 years , 3500 trades and 7 currency pairs, it has an average 50% win rate, with an avg profit factor of ~1.35
  9. Drawdawn is 20% of the net profit per average, so net profit/dd ratio is 5:1
  10. It can be adapted to other markets aswell, so far I only focus on forex.

After applying a slippage of 3 , and the real comission from IC markets, these are the results(Always capital starting is 1000 of the currency we trade against for ex ,eurnzd , 1000 nzd, euraud 1000aud and so on.)

Always risking 1% of our capital. with a minimum of 1000 contracts = 0.01 lots.





Here is an excel with all the currency pairs and all the details both from the last 4 years amd this current year.

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