Results breakout strategy 26-30 september

This week because of the political debate between Trump and Biden, the market was more unstable than usual. As a consequence we got a small hit , and had more losses than usual.

But its ok, we have to remember this is a marathon , not a sprint.

Here are the results for this week for the 8 currency pair we normally use.

We consider a 1000 EUR account with a 30x leverage capacity , in this examples since we only do 1-2 trades/week per each currency I dont apply the comission or slippage. I will apply it at the end of the entire total, since its around 10% of the value of the profits/losses.


-5.65 € , 2 losses


-0.23€ , 1 partial win / 1 partial loss


+ 7.87€ , 1 win


+6.71 €, 1 win/2 losses


-7.92 € , 1 loss




-7.82 € , 1 loss

EUR/USD koala system

Needs to be modified

Total this week :

-7 EUR with 10% of comissions = – 7.8eur which equivales of a 0.7% loss of our initial account.

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