Risk of ruining your account

Today I am going to speak about how many trades one would need to blow his account entirely based on % of equity risked Let assume we have a capital of 15.000EUR ( without leverage) If we would risk 1% for our account , and the minimum amount to spend is 100EUR per trade(0.01 lots).Continue reading “Risk of ruining your account”

How to make use of the peg ratio

In this post I am going to explain the steps to make use of the peg ratio for a stock. I choose APPLE for this example We take first the data, using only the close price (financial yahoo for example to download). Next we go on ychart and download the peg ratio for Apple AndContinue reading “How to make use of the peg ratio”

How to combine a spread trade with PMI

In this post I am going to show an example on how you can combine data from same industry/ different industries and compare it with ISM report to see if we can find some entries. We can apply this to any equities,indices, commodities and so on. In this case I am going to use JPContinue reading “How to combine a spread trade with PMI”

How to calculate implied volatility with excel

First we go and acquire de data. On S we put the place for the stock or index or whatever we search for. In this case for example the price of S&P 500 it was 3009.05 today. Then we select a1 month option with price close to ours, for example 3010 After that we selectContinue reading “How to calculate implied volatility with excel”

How to make use of distribution in financial markets using excel

In this example I am going to make a resume for the last 20 years approx in S&P 500 Here we have the average return with the different percentages, some descriptive details, the distribution of the data, the standard deviation, the average profits and so on. For this first I used the data from financialContinue reading “How to make use of distribution in financial markets using excel”