List of brokers for stock

All brokers adhere to the SEC rules but they all have their owninternal rules, some recommended ones ThinkorSwim ® Easy to get options approval levels Good charting capabilities Paper trading allowed No inactivity fee OptionsXpress ® Easy to get options approval levels Paper trading Allowed Limited Charting/Searching capabilities Good pricing TradeStation ® Excellent Charting SoftwareContinue reading “List of brokers for stock”

Selling options for profits

DefinitionsAn option gives you (the buyer) the option but not the obligation to buy/sell a specific“underlying” at a specific price (strike price) on or before a specific time (expiration date) Expiration DateOccurs the Saturday after the third Friday of every month UnderlyingUnderlying can refer to a Stock or an Index Strike PriceStrike price internals areContinue reading “Selling options for profits”

Introduction to Stocks and Technical Analysis

Introduction to Stocks andTechnical Analysis Major Indices S&P 500 – Large Cap (SPX~SPY) Dow Jones 30 – Industrial Average (DJX~DIA) NASDAQ 100 – Electronic Trading (NDX~QQQ) RUT 2000 – Small Cap (RUT~IWM) Symbol nomenclature 4 character symbols correspond to the NASDAQ 3 or less character symbols correspond to the NYSE andAMEX Symbol nomenclature the characterContinue reading “Introduction to Stocks and Technical Analysis”