Indicator Link Bank

Here is my indicator link bank. My favorite place to spend time is on: The rest of sites are mix of good, average & terrible repainters. If you know anymore websites reach out to me and I will add them to the list. reading “Indicator Link Bank”

Moving averages

FUNCTIONS OF THE 18EMA AND 8EMA EMA(EXPONENTIAL MOVING AVERAGE):-When the moving averages cross to the downside there’s always every possibilitythat the trend has changed it’s direction that is, it is used to spot trendreversals(short, medium and long term trends).The moving averages can also be used as dynamic support and resistance, in thesense that if priceContinue reading “Moving averages”

Massive blow on myself

After started with forward test I’ve realized something was wrong. Nothing was working as I was expected. Upon further investigation I realized that during all this time , I was doing everything correct expect for a tiny little details, which affects entirely the functionality of my systems. Watch those candles first and then those onesContinue reading “Massive blow on myself”

Preparing for forward test

Finally I can say I find a system that I like it alot. It has a very straight forward ( Keep it stupid simple always) mentality. Its an evolution of the MA ribbon- > Its called chandelier Using some modifications, I apply stop loss using ATR mentality. This is how its looks like on EURUSDContinue reading “Preparing for forward test”

Is it possible to do 50-100% per day?

I made a small test this time, on EURUSD 1min time frame, and traded for 2 days , which is 1440 bars of 1 min. Using the MA ribbon ( best indicator I have ever found for trends and confirmation aswell), paired up with a nice support and resistence , you get this amazing combinationContinue reading “Is it possible to do 50-100% per day?”


As a continuation of the same algorithm used yesterday, today I tried it on 1h time chart. The results are even better. Some changes, instead of 2% I used 3% now divided in 1.5%w/ TP – 1.5%w/o TP Soon I am going to forward test it so we can see if it’s truly the holyContinue reading “EURUSD H1 100 TRADES 2020”