Moving averages

FUNCTIONS OF THE 18EMA AND 8EMA EMA(EXPONENTIAL MOVING AVERAGE):-When the moving averages cross to the downside there’s always every possibilitythat the trend has changed it’s direction that is, it is used to spot trendreversals(short, medium and long term trends).The moving averages can also be used as dynamic support and resistance, in thesense that if priceContinue reading “Moving averages”

Do you want to be a professional trader?

An inconvenient, forex truth You’ve been there, struggling and suffering for a while. You have experienced the pain that the markets can unleash on you. You have left positions on the red for longer than your sanity could possible hold. You have opened positions that moved to the green, but you did not take anyContinue reading “Do you want to be a professional trader?”

Forex market random

Some news is predictable, at least in terms of the timing of its dissemination. For example, gold mining production figures, as mentioned earlier, are reported monthly by the U.S. Geological Survey. In general, a great many financial and economic numbers, from unemployment data and new job figures, to GDP, international trade imbalances, measures of inflationContinue reading “Forex market random”

Preséntate (entrada de muestra)

Esto es una entrada de muestra, originalmente publicada como parte de Blogging University. Regístrate en uno de nuestros diez programas y empieza tu blog con buen pie. Hoy vas a publicar una entrada. No te preocupes por el aspecto de tu blog. Tampoco te preocupes si todavía no le has puesto un nombre o siContinue reading “Preséntate (entrada de muestra)”