Updates on the new system

Like I was telling last week, today I am going to bring some news regarding the last system I have been working to. This week it was an entire week full of optimization for it, and starting from monday I am going to create a trading journal for it, and at the end of theContinue reading “Updates on the new system”


MINDSET The 4 Major Psychological Traps and How to Avoid Them • There are 4 major psychological biases that all human beings have a natural tendency to display. When these biases interact with the world of trading, disastrous outcomes often occur. Being aware of the biases is a major step towards avoiding the traps thatContinue reading “PSYCHOLOGICAL MINDSET”


STRATEGY AND TACTICS The 6 Steps to Turning a Strategy Into a Daily Trade Plan • Once you have a strategy for making money from the markets based on sound principles, you need a way to transform that strategy into a practical plan customized for each specific day you trade. Through our years of trading,Continue reading “STRATEGY and TACTIC”


Chart Types to Depict Market Behavior  • Candlestick charts (or standard bar charts) are good at showing the trend of market prices.  • Market profile charts quickly show you the time / volume accumulated at any particular price, and are good at showing where value is (the place where the majority of time/volume is, asContinue reading “MARKET FRAMEWORK”

Daytrading Professional Training Program

Course designed for trading futures indexes It contains: MARKET FRAMEWORK TRADING FRAMEWORK STRATEGY & TACTICS SETUPS & EXECUTION IN-DEPTH PSYCHOLOGY Slowly I am going to approach and expand each of the topics once I finish passing through them.