Results breakout strategy 26-30 september

This week because of the political debate between Trump and Biden, the market was more unstable than usual. As a consequence we got a small hit , and had more losses than usual. But its ok, we have to remember this is a marathon , not a sprint. Here are the results for this weekContinue reading “Results breakout strategy 26-30 september”

Results breakout strategy 21-25 september

We consider having a 1000 EUR capital, and using spreads from standard IC Markets. EUR/NZD + 1.06 € 3 trades 1 win/2 lose EUR/AUD + 4.10 € 2 trades – 1win/1lose GBP/JPY -0.20 £ 3 trades – 1 win / 2 loses GBP/AUD – 10.44 £ 2 trades – 100 lose NZD/USD 0 NZD/CAD – 10.2 € 1 tradeContinue reading “Results breakout strategy 21-25 september”

Finally its here

Like I promised last week, today is the big day. After many months and thousands of hours of work and optimization, here it is , my best piece of art. I am not going to enter into to many details on how it goes, but I am going to tell you this : ItsContinue reading “Finally its here”

Updates on the new system

Like I was telling last week, today I am going to bring some news regarding the last system I have been working to. This week it was an entire week full of optimization for it, and starting from monday I am going to create a trading journal for it, and at the end of theContinue reading “Updates on the new system”

Results 17 – 21 08 2020

Today I am going to publish the details for this week session on my both auto trading strategies. Soon I will start publishing also results from my manual strategy. For the scalp EA we have : In this account we consider 1000 capital, trading 0.1 lots with 0.1% of the account as stop loss, onlyContinue reading “Results 17 – 21 08 2020”