Results 17 – 21 08 2020

Today I am going to publish the details for this week session on my both auto trading strategies. Soon I will start publishing also results from my manual strategy. For the scalp EA we have : In this account we consider 1000 capital, trading 0.1 lots with 0.1% of the account as stop loss, onlyContinue reading “Results 17 – 21 08 2020”

Daytrade stuff

Today I will bring another strategy I pull together. Its made off all the technical indicators that are present on the tradingview for technical analysis It also contains pivot points and fibonacci Our strategy , like usual relay on very low time charts, like 1 min. In this example, I choose 1min EURUSD , goingContinue reading “Daytrade stuff”

Preparing for forward test

Finally I can say I find a system that I like it alot. It has a very straight forward ( Keep it stupid simple always) mentality. Its an evolution of the MA ribbon- > Its called chandelier Using some modifications, I apply stop loss using ATR mentality. This is how its looks like on EURUSDContinue reading “Preparing for forward test”

Is it possible to do 50-100% per day?

I made a small test this time, on EURUSD 1min time frame, and traded for 2 days , which is 1440 bars of 1 min. Using the MA ribbon ( best indicator I have ever found for trends and confirmation aswell), paired up with a nice support and resistence , you get this amazing combinationContinue reading “Is it possible to do 50-100% per day?”


As a continuation of the same algorithm used yesterday, today I tried it on 1h time chart. The results are even better. Some changes, instead of 2% I used 3% now divided in 1.5%w/ TP – 1.5%w/o TP Soon I am going to forward test it so we can see if it’s truly the holyContinue reading “EURUSD H1 100 TRADES 2020”