Chart Types to Depict Market Behavior  • Candlestick charts (or standard bar charts) are good at showing the trend of market prices.  • Market profile charts quickly show you the time / volume accumulated at any particular price, and are good at showing where value is (the place where the majority of time/volume is, asContinue reading “MARKET FRAMEWORK”

Daytrading Professional Training Program

Course designed for trading futures indexes It contains: MARKET FRAMEWORK TRADING FRAMEWORK STRATEGY & TACTICS SETUPS & EXECUTION IN-DEPTH PSYCHOLOGY Slowly I am going to approach and expand each of the topics once I finish passing through them.

How to make use of distribution in financial markets using excel

In this example I am going to make a resume for the last 20 years approx in S&P 500 Here we have the average return with the different percentages, some descriptive details, the distribution of the data, the standard deviation, the average profits and so on. For this first I used the data from financialContinue reading “How to make use of distribution in financial markets using excel”