Do you want to be a professional trader?

An inconvenient, forex truth You’ve been there, struggling and suffering for a while. You have experienced the pain that the markets can unleash on you. You have left positions on the red for longer than your sanity could possible hold. You have opened positions that moved to the green, but you did not take anyContinue reading “Do you want to be a professional trader?”

Daytrading Professional Training Program

Course designed for trading futures indexes It contains: MARKET FRAMEWORK TRADING FRAMEWORK STRATEGY & TACTICS SETUPS & EXECUTION IN-DEPTH PSYCHOLOGY Slowly I am going to approach and expand each of the topics once I finish passing through them.

How to make use of the peg ratio

In this post I am going to explain the steps to make use of the peg ratio for a stock. I choose APPLE for this example We take first the data, using only the close price (financial yahoo for example to download). Next we go on ychart and download the peg ratio for Apple AndContinue reading “How to make use of the peg ratio”

Anton Kreil – Professional Trading Masterclass

In this post I will update my road on this amazing course, focused primary on fundamental analysis. Part 1. Retail traders vs professional traders A professional trader is someone who gets paid to trade other people‚Äôs money. A retail trader is someone who trades their own money, but not for a living. To be aContinue reading “Anton Kreil – Professional Trading Masterclass”