Moving averages

FUNCTIONS OF THE 18EMA AND 8EMA EMA(EXPONENTIAL MOVING AVERAGE):-When the moving averages cross to the downside there’s always every possibilitythat the trend has changed it’s direction that is, it is used to spot trendreversals(short, medium and long term trends).The moving averages can also be used as dynamic support and resistance, in thesense that if priceContinue reading “Moving averages”

Preparing for forward test

Finally I can say I find a system that I like it alot. It has a very straight forward ( Keep it stupid simple always) mentality. Its an evolution of the MA ribbon- > Its called chandelier Using some modifications, I apply stop loss using ATR mentality. This is how its looks like on EURUSDContinue reading “Preparing for forward test”

How to combine a spread trade with PMI

In this post I am going to show an example on how you can combine data from same industry/ different industries and compare it with ISM report to see if we can find some entries. We can apply this to any equities,indices, commodities and so on. In this case I am going to use JPContinue reading “How to combine a spread trade with PMI”

How to make use of distribution in financial markets using excel

In this example I am going to make a resume for the last 20 years approx in S&P 500 Here we have the average return with the different percentages, some descriptive details, the distribution of the data, the standard deviation, the average profits and so on. For this first I used the data from financialContinue reading “How to make use of distribution in financial markets using excel”

Test for course review

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