STRATEGY AND TACTICS The 6 Steps to Turning a Strategy Into a Daily Trade Plan • Once you have a strategy for making money from the markets based on sound principles, you need a way to transform that strategy into a practical plan customized for each specific day you trade. Through our years of trading,Continue reading “STRATEGY and TACTIC”


Chart Types to Depict Market Behavior  • Candlestick charts (or standard bar charts) are good at showing the trend of market prices.  • Market profile charts quickly show you the time / volume accumulated at any particular price, and are good at showing where value is (the place where the majority of time/volume is, asContinue reading “MARKET FRAMEWORK”

How to calculate implied volatility with excel

First we go and acquire de data. On S we put the place for the stock or index or whatever we search for. In this case for example the price of S&P 500 it was 3009.05 today. Then we select a1 month option with price close to ours, for example 3010 After that we selectContinue reading “How to calculate implied volatility with excel”